The Timeless Tradition of Heraldry

Do you want your own unique coat of arms designed by a professional heraldic artist?

If you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Spain, or another country that has an active heraldic authority, you will need to pursue your request through those official channels. If you live in a republic such as the United States, and the government is not involved in the issuance of coats of arms, you may secure your unique heraldic achievement through a professional armorist. That coat of arms will be protected under international copyright laws and by be registered as a trademark if you desire.

Coats armor are great ways to promote your personal ‘brand’ but, coats of arms can also make very effective logos for businesses. Whether you want a coat of arms for personal, business, or institutional use, YourArmiger is prepared to leverage a decade of heraldry experience to give you a distinctive, dignified, and beautiful coat of arms that will be all your own.

The designs can be draw in one of four styles:

  • Medieval Heraldry—an old style hand-drawn look that looks quite simple and primitive, put carries the gravitas of knights in shining armor.
  • Victorian Heraldry—a 19th-century style that has become thought of as the ‘traditional style’ of heraldry, it is more ornate, but gives the impression of a by-gone era—despite its relatively modern origin.
  • Modern Heraldry—clean lines from computer-designed graphics make this style look sharp and clean.
  • Collegiate Logo—academic clubs and institutions have long had a style sensibility all their own; these logos will look old and new at the same time.

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What happens after you order:

  1. We send you a questionnaire to find out more about the purpose of the coat of arms and the person or organization that will be using it.
  2. After you return the questionnaire, we create some rough sketches of coat of arms ideas we think fit your personality, history, and the
  3. You choose the concept you like best and make any design notes you wish to help guide us toward a finished coat of arms.
  4. We take that concept and realize it in a more detailed version. We then send you a medium resolution file for your approval.
  5. Once you approve the design, we send you full resolution files and icons.

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