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I love the logo you made for me!

It was so creative and fast. Mark Kelley

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Traditional Gravitas

If you are looking for a logo design that will stand the test of time, we can provide you will design elements which have remained current and professional since the late medieval period.

Symbol Literacy

Just like words, symbols have meaning that bring instant associations to the viewer. It is then important that your logo designer have cultural fluency in the country where you want to use your logo.

Fair Trade

We believe that graphic designers should be paid a living wage for working full time. Since it may take up to 10 hours to get your logo right, we charge an amount which can assure both customer and designer can be happy with the results.

Clean Design

Your logo needs to be distinctive and have character, but a cluttered design will leave your customers confused about what is going on in your logo and may lead to embarrassing misinterpretations.

Color Knowledge

Not every color should be used together and not ever color is appropriate for every logo. Our designers have studied the characteristics of color and know who they will affect the viewer’s eye and emotions.

Web Design

Every business and organization needs some kind of online presence, but most businesses don’t need a $10,000 website. If you need a simple site for advertising and customer contacts, or an e-store, we have web solutions starting at only $50.

Student Group Logos

When trying to grow your group’s public presence, it is important to have a logo you can use to “brand” your website, correspondence, advertising and banners. Coats of arms can make very effective logos for businesses, student groups or social clubs and can be an... read more

Welcome to Your Armiger Designs

Several years ago I decided to take my childhood interest in heraldry to a higher level and started developing my website where I could simultaneously make a deeper study of European Heraldry and share the cool things I learned with others around the... read more

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